全球 500 強企業施耐德在收購了美國最專業的監控設備公司PELCO后,急需將子公司的產品納入到施耐德統一的產品體系中,YANG DESIGN作為其長期戰略合作伙伴,為其設計創新了一系列監控設備,成功塑造了產品清晰的品牌識別性。2012年我們為其成功開發了二合一監控設備。此產品獲得2013年紅點獎,同時是施耐德第一座紅點獎。

After acquisition of Pelco, Schneider Electric, a Top 500 corporate, is eager to unify the product systems of 2 companies. As a long-term strategic partner, YANG DESIGN has designed a collection of camera to rebuild a clear brand identity. We designed the 2-in-1 cameras in 2012. The cameras won the RedDot Design Award 2013 which was also the first RedDot Award for Schneider.


The group controller is a power socket for high-end workspace in Europe & American marker. We studied scenario and frequency of power usage, and problems such as cable organizer. It can control and ?display energy consumption status so as to be energy-efficient.


Developed for dding.net Xiaomi industrial chain enterprise, Dingding door magnet has been launched in the market. Plus, the company acquired over 5 million$ fund in pound A. This product was awarded by both the most popular smart hardware in 2014 and the Golden Pin Design Award in 2016.


First we traced the previous trackball of little red dot and research how Dr Selker a created little red dot and how to use the little red dot. The aim is maximum improve user experience to the operation of the ThinkPad. So we boldly put the perfect physical key on intelligent glasses. People can use fingers and different ways of operation (rotation, press, four directions, etc.) to control the smart glasses. Simple actions enable people to take photos, read information, make video and so on which greatly improve user experience.


The dual-color S-Series launched in Europe. A home multimedia hard-disk which can record, play and display various media formats and connect to devices, and also tasteful and user-friendly redefinition of conventional robust TV-accessories, in the shape of an elegant unfolded box or tableware. It can be set vertically or horizontally to fit different interior decorations and needs. Bottom rubber pads reduced the vibration and damage.?


Inspired by consumer insight, that dessert making process is complicated and appliances are too many. Therefore the research & design focus is the meet the requirement of both DIY and usability. The final design has shown functional and aesthetic breakthrough, and turned innovative compared to its highly similar competitors.


Joyoung Multifunctional Soya Maker Design, 2011-2013:Amultifunctional soya maker based on IH technology. Breakthrough of the traditional image and function of soya maker, with more intelligent and user-friendly user interface.


Normative and compact design language for the medical detector was conveyed to enhance the professionalism and uniformity of the apparatus, which gives patients a more comfortable and safer feeling in the medical environment.